Edam Cheese

Category Edam type
Origin Holland
Source CheeseLand, Inc.
Shelf Life 6 months
Ingredients Pasteurized cows' milk, salt, enzymes, annato color
Appearance 4 pound ball yellow waxed. Firm, sliceable, and smooth texture.
Flavor Delightful mild flavor, a little dryer than a Gouda, but it still has a creamy texture.
Key Selling Points Delicious, high quality
Handling Procedures Cut with knife or wire. Store at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Product History/ Misc. Info Named after the city of Edam, where they first made this cheese. The only difference between a Gouda and an Edam is the fat and moisture contents, Gouda contains 48% fat In the Dry Matter and Edam has only 40%. Edam cheese is made in balls because it was easier to transport on the original sailing transport ships. The round shapes took up less space and minimized damage. They were even reported to occasionally been used in the Caribbean as canon balls!!