Old Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam Cheese

Category Aged Gouda Type
Origin Holland
Source CheeseLand, Inc.
Shelf Life 6 months
Ingredients Cow's milk, salt, cultures, animal rennet, annato color
Appearance 22 pound wheel, black waxed with a special label. Firm, sliceable with a limited number of regularly distributed round holes.
Flavor Its taste is pure, rich walnut buttery, full flavored and mature.
Key Selling Points Its firm texture is perfect for grating over pasta. Or you can eat this Dutch Masterpiece with a glass of wine or port.
Handling Procedures Cut with knife or wire. Store at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Product History/ Misc. Info Using only the purest and freshest week day milk. Weekend milk is not as fresh by the time it is used because the Frisian Holstein cows are continuing their milk production over the weekends, but the cheese production is stopped. Slow and careful ripening by 5 master cheese makers develops its unique character and flavor. The result is an outstanding cheese with a buttery flavor and firm sliceable texture. It's ideal for cooking, melting or grating. And it makes a delicious accompaniment to a glass of wine or beer. Old Amsterdam won several Gold Medals at cheese contests throughout the world. The cheese is made with a unique culture which is owned by the Westland family in Holland.
Nutritional Info Calories 120 Calories from fat 90 - Total fat 10g 15% DV - Saturated fat 6g 30% DV - Cholesterol 30mg 10% DV - Sodium 270mg 11% DV - Total Carb. 0g 0% DV - Fiber 0g 0% DV - Sugars 0g - Protein 7g - Vitamin A 4% - Vitamin C 0% - Calcium 30% - Iron 0%