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Holland's Best - Droste Chocolate Letters / Droste Chocoladeletters

Droste Chocoladeletters Puur
Droste Dark Chocolate Letters

IMPORTANT (Please read):

Available only during the holiday season (starting at the end of October)! Please place your orders early in time for Christmas, so that we can provide you with the correct letters. Not all the letters are made by the factory, like I, Q, U, Y and Z.
 We have now also De Heer Baronie chocolate letters.

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 ProductItem #AmountPrice (USD)Buy
 Verkade Melk Chocolade Letter (Milk Chocolate Letters W) sorry we have only Baronie2008milk-W2.25 oz / 65 gr$3.39Discontinued Item we carry only De Heer Baronie
 Verkade chocolateletter dark / bittersweet /puur letter sorry we have only Baronie2208dark2.25 oz / 65 gr$3.39we carry only De Heer Baronie
 Rijkenberg Milk Chocolate Letter or chocolateletter dark / bittersweet /puur letter sorry we have only Baronie2209milk2.25 oz / 65 gr$3.39Discontinued Item we carry only De Heer Baronie

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The tradition of giving chocolate (chocolate initial )letters at Sinterklaas on 5th December is centuries old and more or less confined to the Netherlands. There, the letters have become bigger lately, more intricate, filled or enhanced with elaborate chocolate decorations. The custom - often a pleasant gift to co-workers or business relations - is slowly adopted in other regions and countries, especially those with a large Dutch immigrant population. Be aware that the Dutch usually buy these letters end November, beginning December. If you would like to buy them, be in time...

All prices subject to change without notice.


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