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Holland's Best - Delft Blue Vases / Delfts Blauwe Vazen

Delft Blue Vases
Delfts Blauwe Vazen

The Delfts Blue Vases are the prettiest vases ever! Even without flowers they are great to decorate your house. Wherever you put them, on the chimney, table or on top of your armoire , they look beautiful.  It is a great gift item too, for birthday, anniversary or for Christmas!

Different sizes and paintings are available. Some vases are unique because we only have one or two in store. The best thing you can do, if you want one of a kind, is come by and make your choice!

We don't just sell Delfts Ware made by De Wit, but we sell Royal Goedewaagen and Porseleyne Fles too.

All prices subject to change without notice.

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 ProductItem #AmountPrice (USD)Buy
 Vase - Delft Blue - MO Wooden Shoe Vase152756Each$15.95Just Email Maria in Bellflower and check out Hollandintmarket
 Vase - Delft Blue -Pewter/Delft Flower Vase152822Each$55.95Just Email Maria in Bellflower and check out Hollandintmarket
 Vase - Delft Blue -DN Vase Windmill, 6 inch15186Each$14.95add2cart.gif
 Teapot delft Blue - Mo Teapot with windmill desigh10136each$42.95add2cart.gif
 new items10138each$10.95in stock
 new items10139aeach$10.95in stock
 new items10139each$10.95in stock
 new items10140each$10.95in stock
 new items10142each$10.95in stock
 new items10143each$10.95in stock
 new items10144each$10.95in stock
 new items10145each$10.95in stock
 new items10146each$10.95in stock
 o Delft blue Flower Windmill Vaas vase10147each$30.95add2cart.gif
 new items10148each$10.95in stock
 new items10149each$10.95in stock
 Mo candle holder windmill QweenT10150each$13.95add2cart.gif
 new items10151each$10.95in stock
 new items10152each$10.95in stock
 new items10155each$10.95in stock
 new items10156aeach$10.95in stock
 new items10156each$10.95in stock
 new items10157each$10.95in stock
 new items10158each$10.95in stock
 new items10161each$10.95in stock
 new items10162each$10.95in stock
 new items10164aeach$10.95in stock
 new items10164each$10.95in stock
 new items10165each$10.95in stock
 new items10166each$10.95in stock
 new items10167each$10.95in stock
 new items10159each$10.95in stock
 new item10169each$10.95coming in soon
 new item10168each$10.95coming in soon
 Picher Delft Blue - Mo Pichter 26cm 10.5in27801each$50.95add2cart.gif

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All prices subject to change without notice.


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