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Welcome to Holland's Best!

With great pleasure we welcome you to the #1 Online Store for Dutch and Indonesian Groceries, Delft Blue China and Netherlands Giftware.

Please note:

Due to the high volume of online orders we receive during the holiday season, we cannot accept orders with Bay Area shipping addresses at the moment.

If you are from the Bay Area, we kindly request you to come by to our store to buy your items.

Our apologies for this inconvenience.

Kerstkrans Venco Licorice Christmas Plate Wooden Shoes - Traditional Yellow Delft Blue Elesva Color Tile Conimex Krentebollen

Holland’s Best, also known as Holland Pastry & Gift Shop, is Delft Blue Houseslocated in San Jose, California. We have been serving our Dutch and Indonesian customers since 1949. The comments and suggestions from our customers have helped us to identify areas where improvements could be made in our service. We send our Dutch products to you all over North America!

Note we have over 5000 products in our online store !!!
Browse the Sitemap for an overview

The online catalog is our way to acquaint or reacquaint you Red Band Conebagswith Dutch Groceries & Gifts and to give you easy access to our store from the comfort of your home. It is easy to make your order online by simply using the full shopping cart capabilities. We trust Holland’s Best online catalog fills all your product needs. If you are looking for something we do not list, feel free to ask us about it.

Many of the products on the packages use the metric system while Holland’s Best for your convenience uses the imperial system. To assist you we have included a Conversion Table for anyone not familiar with European weights and measures. The conversion forced us to round numbers off to the nearest half of an ounce, so the weights are approximate.Klaas Mensonides

Please visit Holland’s Best if your travels take you to San Jose, California! Remember to bring your ice box or cooler in case you would like to buy some cheese, fish or other refrigerated or frozen items.

Klaas Mensonides

We sell:

Dutch and Indonesian grocery items: rusk (Bolletje beschuit), breakfast cake (ontbijtkoek Bolletje, Barkhuis, Peijnenburg, Modderman, Bussink), cheese (Goudse kaas, Edammer kaas), cookies (koekjes), chocolate (Verkade, Droste  chocolade), Christmas items, chocolate letters (Droste), licorice (drop, Venco, Red Band, Katja, Klene, Kraepelien & Holm / Limecon), candy, cocoa (cacao Droste, Van Houten), coffee (Douwe Egberts koffie), tea (Pickwick thee), snacks (Duyvis, Calvé), cereals (Brinta), soup (Honig), sprinkles (De Ruijter, Venz, Albert Heijn hagelslag), juices (Spa, Nutricia, Hero Cassis), food in jars (Hak, Burcht, Albert Heijn, Koeleman, Uyttewaal, Jonkerfris), fish (vis) like herring (haring), frozen foods, bakery goods and pastries, pepernoten, stroopwafels (Verweij, Daelmans, Stroopie, Kanjers, Van der Breggen), almond paste (amandelspijs), mixes (Koopmans, Albert Heijn, Atlanta, Honig, Conimex), ginger (gember) items, gingerbread (taai-taai), kerststol and kerstkrans, krentenbrood, marzipan (marsepein), mentos, mustard (Marne mosterd), preserved foods, peanut butter (Calvé pindakaas), rye bread (Bolletje roggebrood), speculaas, spices (Verstegen), spreads (Betuwe, Friesche Vlag, Sicof), vinegar (Albert Heijn azijn) and even sugar-free products.  In addition, we have Indonesian grocery items like ketjap (Vanka-Kawat, Conimex, Hollindo, ABC soy sauce), mie (Conimex, Honig noodles), sambal (Conimex, Koningsvogel, Runel, Improba), satay sauce (Koningsvogel, Enak Eco Malang, Calvé sate), bumbu (kruiden Masakan, Bamboe, Boemboe, Conimex), krupuk (kroepoek Conimex, Komodo, Dandy’s), spices (Conimex), ginger (gember) condiments, rice (rijst Lassie), leaves (bladeren), rempeyek, peteh bonen, Indonesian candy, mixes (Conimex, Honig), sauces (Honig, Kokita), desserts, tea (Sosro) and tjoklat.

Giftware items: Delft Blue tiles (Delfts Blauwe tegels, keramiek), color tiles (Polychrome gekleurde tegel), blue and white tiles, magnetic tiles (magneet tegel), windmill tiles (molen tegels), Delft Blue items (Delfts Blauw) in the form of baby items, banks, baskets, bells, boxes, jars, canisters (house, swan, coffee, tea and sugar), butter dishes, candle holders, tea light holders, coffeepots, teapots, creamers, cups, mugs, egg holders, figurines, novelties, light switch plates, lotion items, bath items, music boxes, musicals, lamps, napkin holders, picture frames, pitchers, plates, salt and pepper shakers, shot glasses, spoons, vases, and wall plates. Some of our other giftware includes ceramic animals, books, calendars, coffeepots, teapots, dolls, house wares, jewelry, accessories, little urn cups, metal paintings, giftware, musicals, lamps, pewter, plates, pots, pans, tea cozies (theemutsen), tulip candle holders, utensil racks, wall plates, drugstore items like Purol and Zwitsal, T-shirts, and wooden shoes (klompen). Delfts Blue items are from the following companies: Koninklijke Porseleyne Fles, Royal Delft, Pijnacker, Delflore, Zwart / Black, Delvert, Wit / White, Westraven, Royal Goedewaagen, De Wit, Tichelaar Makkum aardewerk.

Christmas (Kerstmis) items: chocolate letters (chocolade letters), Advocaat Chocolade (Asbach Uralt, Verpoorten, Droste, De Heer, Rijkenberg, Van Dungen, chocolate, cookies (Hollandse koekjes), marzipan (marsepein), Delft Blue ornaments (Delfts Blauwe kerstballen), figurines, plates, tiles and gift packages with free shipping containing a combination of kerstkrans, kano's, gevulde koeken and pensees, gevulde speculaas.


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Holland Pastry & Gift Shop 524 S. Bascom Avenue
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Fax: (408) 920-2532

Tuesday - Saturday
9:00 am - 5.30 pm
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