Bay Area Dutch News Extra!
Hollandsbest & Holland Pastry and Gift Shop 524 South Bascom Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128
Holland Pastry and Gift Shop Closing after
68 Years in San Jose, December 31, 2014
A San Francisco Bay Area Dutch and Indonesian Mainstay for Generations!
The Last of Its Kind On the West Coast! End of a Bay Area Dutch-Indonesian Tradition.
MESSAGE from Klaas
Come visit us for a final time this Holiday
It is with great sadness for me to say
Season before the bakery closes forever!!!
our time as a bakery at 524 S Bascom
Avenue in San Jose, CA will sadly
Bakery will be open for the last time on
Everything Must
come to an end on December
December 31, 2014 and will close 4 PM
2014. The property owner will no
Totale Uitverkoop
after all the oliebollen are sold out and the
longer be leasing the building for the
Moving sale
New Year. The bakery has been a Bay
New Year revelry starts.
Area mainstay from the
1940s for
Klaas has baked our cookies and pastries
Dutch and Indonesian expatriates who
Alles moet weg !!
wanted a taste of the Old Country.
for the last 28 years from old, frayed recipe
Op=Op Ruiming!!!
We are the longest running Dutch
cards from the 1940s; keeping the bakery
Bakery on the West Coast. For 28
Delft Blue Christmas
in the tradition its original patrons enjoyed
years, I felt more like a steward for the
from the beginning.
Ornaments, Tiles,
bakery keeping to its tradition. I bake
Plates, Vases,
all our cookies and pastries from the
Make sure to PRE-ORDER our Kerstkrans,
Cups, Mugs, Jewelry
old and frayed recipe cards handed
Boxes, Figurines,
Weinacht Stollen
(Christmas Bread), to
down decades ago by the original
Kitchenware, House
owner. For this Holiday Season, come
guarantee you have them at your gathering
wares, Teacozies,
stroll down memory lane for a final
this season for the last time.
Paintings, Old Wooden
time at the bakery to enjoy our
Ice Skates, Souvenirs,
delicious almond cookies and pastries.
Dont forget to pick up some
Birthday Calendars, T-
We feel rather nostalgic looking back
shirts, clothing,
Krentenbollen, Amandel Staven, Banket
through the years we have been of
Klompen (Wooden
Letter, Amandel Cookies, Kerst Kransjes,
service to you. For having made us a
Kanos, Gevulde Speculaas, Kroketten
part of your experience, we thank you
Lots of fresh drop
(licorice) still in
from the bottom of our hearts.
Speculaas poppen, and Saucijzenbroodjes.
While we ponder what’s next for us,
Herring, Rolmops,
come get what you need while
We have Hot Kroketten every Saturday now
Mackerel (Makreel),
supplies last. Everything must go
Cheese (Kaas),
and after Christmas we will be making
Sambal, Ketjap, and
before we finally close. We still have
oliebollen daily from December 26 through
Other Indonesian
plenty of fresh groceries from our
our last day New Year Eve! Get a free
Holiday shipme nt.
oliebollen on us just for showing up!
The building needs
to be empty by
January 15, 2015
Also visit us for your Holiday and Christmas shopping at